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Core Concept 2

Who are you?

Do you feel broken down into a multitude of pieces? Consider your circumstances, which one is the most important? Which one defines you most at the moment? It came to me that I am a little of all of the names on my list. But that is not all.

Draw your tree. Name all the branches of your tree using the names currently on your list. If we look at Nature, a Tree shape is balanced. Roots allowing water and minerals to come in, and anchoring the tree. Trunk from which branches extend, bearing leaves enabling photosynthesis and growth. Each part of the tree is essential to its survival.

Now that you have this vision, Ask yourself: where are you on the tree? In one of the branches? Or do you feel you belong to more than one branch and you also want to place yourself on the trunk?

What opens up for you?

Please comment and ask any questions below.

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