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Cook and connect.

What are you passionate about?

Cooking, culture, people, ocean, I am lucky to live my passions. #coach#connect#internationalfood.

My mom never taught me how to cook. I remembered learning by watching my university friends in the communal kitchen we shared in the student’s residence. I was interested in how to make all these dishes that smelled, looked and tasted wonderful. Have you ever tried a pork chop with fried plantain bananas?

I bought cooking books and I followed step by step their recipes. I realized how challenging it could be as I was in unknown territory! I remember soaking meat with a whole bottle of vinegar, as I had no clue that marinating needs only a sprinkle!

We can all achieve and learn by ourselves but it is so much more interesting, fun, valuable, motivating when you do it with someone else.

Most of the recipes I cook have a story with a lot of heart in them. They are like white pebbles connecting me with memories, friendship, life journey. Cooking always makes me feel wonderful, it has purpose and it links with sharing.

What is it that define you? Brings you up when you are down? What interests you and you want to know more of?

Where are you heading to?

#internationalteachers, #expats, Connect with me, let’s find your white pebbles.

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