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Coaching through coronavirus: use time given as a gift.

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Rediscover yourself and set goals.

To reflect on the following questions is already a winning step towards feeling better.

You have suddenly what you never have.. plenty of time on your hands.

You have 2 choices

1) Coach potato Netflix addict, you stuff junk food down your throat and adopt zombie mode, being in your pyjamas all day, avoiding the shower, feeling miserable as the World comes to a stop... why not? I am not the one who will ever judge you, say it’s right or wrong. It is your choice and it is fine by me.

Now there is another option:

2) Use the time given as a gift.

We always complain that we have no time. Our lives are hugely stressed, rushing from one end to another, from home to school to work to grocery to eat to crash, exhausted on your bed, at night. You have no time to basically think or do things that you want to do, no time to spend with family and friends. No real time to exchange, communicate.

Coaching isn’t counseling. I am not here to tell you what to do. Each person is her own and I believe that each person, if given the right impulse, has her own answers.

Let me help you today as we are asked into self isolation, by asking you a few powerful questions that will, I have no doubt, make you stop and reflect aka think deeper. You have your own answers. Exercising your brain, finding your answers will make you feel better again.

In no particular order.....

Topic children

What do I do with my children?

How do I occupy them?


What is comfort for you? Make a picture of it in your head and see how you can implement it.

For some people it will be to have a routine to follow. What is the best possible routine for you? For your children?

What is security for you? How can you implement that feeling into your life now?

Ask yourself :

What can we do together that we enjoy doing?

What do the kids enjoy doing? Together as siblings? By themselves?

How can I empower my children? What can I teach them?

What is it that the school expect me to do?

What is the best time for them to address school work? Can they work together? Would the elder be happy to be involved with the younger one?

How can siblings interact best? Doing what?

Redirect these questions to your children to help them set up their day and activities. They are in touch with their friends and can talk to them, play with them on some interactive games on their phones, so isolation is just physical really.

We also have the incredible resource of internet where you can research, find, learn about. There is no limits.

Topic couples

What I am going to do now that the 2 of us are stuck at home with all the stress of the unknown?


What is the perfect vision of your relationship? Describe how it can work best.

Now describe what is not working as you would like.

What is it that you are prepare to do in order to implement a better relationship?

What do you want more of?

Topic expatriation in that particular instance.


How do you feel about family being far?

What can you do in order to address issues without being physically present? Aka How can you be remotely present?

What is it that you need more of? How can you get it? What can you do about it?

Topic You.


What is fear for you?

What can you do about it in order to feel better?


What is it that you always wanted to do but you couldn’t as you didn’t have the time for it?

What is it that makes you feel good?

What gives you energy?

What worked well for you before? What is working well now?

If you are working, it is a perfect opportunity to reflect also on your working life and goals:

What is going on at the moment?

What would you like to achieve?

Which is the future you want to create?

What can you do about it?

All these are but a sample of powerful questions that I would usually use in a session and that would be backed up with tools to bring you further and deeper in your thinking process. I would listen to your answers and interact with a string of questions to follow a word you have said, or an expression on your face, or a movement of your body. I would ask you to set up a plan of actions to implement your thinking process and desire to move forward towards something you desire. This is coaching. And this text is my gift to you in order to help you through this confinement.

Wishing you the very best to you and your loved ones.

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