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Are you pulling your hair out?

Headache looming?

So confused you need to take a walk and breathe in the cool autumn air?

This was me!

I became a coach with the purpose of helping expats and international teachers through the challenges of their lives’ special circumstances, thinking:” they don’t have to be alone facing them as I once was“. However how do they find me? How do I tell I exist and I can #help?

I realized I needed help, it was an important #breakthrough. I stopped resisting and searched for it. Help of fellow coaches who had faced the same challenges on how to connect to their people. The journey is about resilience and work, trusting yourself and your vision. It takes breakthroughs.

Are you an #expat struggling because you are stuck in your working country? And you cannot come back home, see your family.

Are you an expat who decided, or got asked, to go home and now struggles as you don’t fit in?

Are you an #expatwoman who battles to find her purpose, to connect with ever changing community and culture?

How about you #internationalteachers? How are you coping with all the changes you faced and continue facing? How is your #morale?

I get you. I was you.

Together, let’s create breakthroughs in your life, solve your issues, gain #clarity!

Connect with me.

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