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Does it feel to you that humans are in an awakening race alongside machines? Who becomes aware first?

#expats#internationalteachers, have you become lead actors of a movie that is a mixture of The Matrix and The Social Dilemma?

If you look at what is happening with the connected world of social media now, the rules of engagement are in a different dimension with a new language about all being awesome and perfect; you fit in or you are out, pressure is huge, and you can’t just “be“ without tons of “don’t” attacking you.

Where is your truth?

#Livingabroad enhances the hold of #socialmedia on you as it is a sure way for you to belong, stay connected, share, especially in this #covid World. Have you become #addicted?

Reflect: what is your reality made of? Do you feel lost, swinging into extreme behaviors looking for boundaries and sanity, as the word “normal” falls into oblivion?

Awareness, delivered by coaching, becomes a huge asset in order to regain control and figure out what makes sense in your life.

So what is it going to be? Living in fear, wondering if you are being plugged to the matrix? Or do you choose to follow the white rabbit, take the red pill, awaken and get a coach to regain power on your life? I have the red pill in hand, #connect with me.

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