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Are you feeling lonely?

Does the word creates a sharp pain or a sense of lost inside of you?

I get you #expatwoman, I hear you.

Kids are back to school or grown up and you are feeling an #emptiness. You are geographically alone, far from family and friends back in home country, and you have to rebuild once more your life in the host country.

Maybe you have been doing it a few times already and you know the tricks but it isn’t working as it used to this time.

Maybe you are new at it and you aren’t sure of what would be your best next move to connect with your new environment, considering who you are.

Finally home, school, partner, all are sorted, all but you as you stand in your lovely home, wondering, what about me? Feeling alone and miserable.

You need to share all these feelings trapped inside you and there is no one around that you trust enough to open up.

You feel foolish as, from the outside, you live the dream life so why complain and who would understand?


Because I have been there, I know what you are going through.

I’ll listen, then #empower you to:

- #connect to your new environment in a way that suits you

- make choices to change your mindset from lonely/lost/sad to busy/happy/with #meaning and #purpose

Connect with me, let’s have a zoom coffee.

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