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Action to change.

Have you ever felt like a 2 years old who just learned to walk and is confident to do so with the comfort of his mom’s hand in his? And who is left standing alone and scared to take the next step?

That was me when I finished my coaching course. I was ready to tackle the World, had a to-do list pinned on the wall, plenty of ideas to move forward and yet...panic overwhelmed me. Left alone, I was lost. I was looking for security, reassurance that all will be fine, another hand to hold, to share, to learn what was missing in my set up and move forward.

Too often, we freeze and put ourselves on hold expecting this or that to happen so that it can trigger so and so. It is like perpetual apnea. Today flies by and dies, forgotten, in the hope of what tomorrow shall bring.

Eventually I said : ENOUGH, I am living my day! I am reaching out for the help I need actively. I am taking ACTION TO CHANGE my circumstances.

#Expatriates, how often have you been in these mind and heart crushing situations? Once today is gone, it is gone, you don’t get a shot at living it again!

So I am asking you:


Would you like to be spending it on hold?

What would you rather DO? LIVE? instead.

TAKE ACTION, Connect with me.

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