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What do you #wish for this coming year, #expats, #internationalteachers?

Do you have new #challenges to tackle or a new vision for your life? Perhaps starting with you and exploring aspects of your personality which got triggered by the covid situation? How do you acknowledge them as part of you? How can they function within you and create a whole which serves you best?

We had become so used to have the option of hopping in and out of planes - anywhere in the World only a flight away - that we took it for granted. Our lives very much revolving around who to visit back home during the next holidays, or where to explore next.

Yet we adapted to the new situation by “zooming“ classes, family, transforming being apart into something new and interactive. Many went back home, many stayed, whatever your circumstances living abroad transforms who you are, and fitting in can prove challenging.

Life goes on covid or not, and what better lesson than to look at Mother Nature reinventing herself season after season? We can do that as well. Let positive energy shine through and harness its power.

I am here to listen. If you need help to take your next step, #connect with me.

My 2021 wish for you is to be free again to travel and be #reunited safely with #family and #friends.

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