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The Care Package

Coaching the international teacher to launch and thrive.

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Service Description

What is the structure of the package? To start with: one on one sessions in order to address the now, for each international teacher being part of the program. (What is going on? How long has it been going on? What have you done about it already? If the situation doesn’t change how do you picture yourself in a couple of months? By the end of the school year? What are the questions you are asking yourself? Where are you stuck? Put in place a plan of action in order to change the life circumstances the teacher is facing and help him forward.) Then a follow up once a month until the end of the school year. In case of distress once a week follow up can be considered. Accountability partner can be established as well in order to follow up on any issue which would arise. Each session will address the moment and the mindset of the international teacher What? How? Where? When? Address any topic presented by the teacher... “help as you go concept“ knowing that “answers are within” and just need the right trigger by the coach to arise. Around January assess the current feel, see how the perspective of another year abroad feels? In June, assess the pertinence of the support coaching through the year in terms of wellbeing, strengths identified and used interaction with peers, class, parents, admin, generating teaching and test materials being comfortable with remote teaching. The care package proposal is an open door for the international school to connect with me. Only together can we adjust it to the needs of the school and its international teachers. 

Contact Details

+33 6 58 66 16 69

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